April 2, 2016



The iMac line of computers all in one Apple renewed from Tuesday. Now all models have a much higher resolution screen and renewed internal specifications.

This renewal went through all the models in the series: there is now a new model of 21 inches that has a retina display with 4K resolution and all 27-inch models now include a screen resolution 5K, the same that was presented in the new model last year.

Inside, these new iMac now have an Intel processor and Skylake 27-inch model has a graphics card AMD M300 series.

With these changes, the family of the iMac is made up of three members; 21-inch model without Retina display, the new model 21-inch 4K resolution and 27-screen model 5K and AMD graphics acceleration.

Above all, thanks to the arrival of these new models, new versions of the wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad were presented, both rechargeable through a Lightning port. According to Apple, its duration is up to one month per load. The new trackpad has the peculiarity to integrate the new Force Touch technology that is already part of the iPhone, with the name of 3D Touch, Apple Watch and all MacBook.

Not all Apple launches are made in a convention hall full of tech journalists. Some are a little more discreet, but no less important. The iMac line is the product family that symbolizes the rebirth of the company, and has had a major escalation of sales. It is also the first product to be launched when Steve Jobs resumed his position as CEO of the company, after being fired by the board in 1997.

Since then the iMac have symbolized a balance between comfort, design excellence and high power for work. All these improvements keep this family of devices as a strong option when users looking to buy the main computer in your office or home.

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