April 2, 2016

The appearance of an exclusive game


The appearance of an exclusive game for a console is always a great opportunity. We look at this unique release, something that really serve as a hook to say ‘Xbox One has this’ or ‘PS4 has such a game’. Yes, ‘Quantum Break’ is also on PC, but in the world of consoles can only play in the Microsoft product. The title of action and time travel comes with an interesting proposal, but in turn dangerously short and with little motivation to play again.

‘Quantum Break’ is a third person shooter where you use all abilities to alter time-space. As you play, you will have the opportunity to see a series with real actors, which delves into the history of the title. There are a lot of really new things in the model and gameplay ‘Quantum Break’, but there are details that are far from full potential.

Previously, in ‘Quantum Break’

I begin with the title more interesting bet: give yourself a mini-series and a game at the same time. Not a bad model, in fact keeps the focus on the story and narrative weight generates small details during gameplay. There are great moments in the four chapters and production is not bad.

But separate those four chapters not have the expertise to keep waiting to complete an act and to continue the story of his characters strength. The miniseries make a mistake: focusing on three characters that are not the same players in the game.

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